Two Rob Ryan Grosnugs for £34.99

Two Rob Ryan Grosnugs for £34.99

Bundle your little one up snug as a bug in our 2 in 1 Grosnug and have a spare on hand incase of little accidents. 

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    Our exclusive bundle includes two iconic Rob Ryan design Grosnugs so you’ll make a big saving compared to buying them separately.

    *Please note our bundles already represent great savings, so promotional codes/offers cannot be applied to this bundle product.

    Bundle Includes:

    2x Grosnug (Summers Day, Spring Morning or Nightfall in a choice of light or cosy)

    The 2 in 1 Swaddle and Newborn Grobag enables you to swaddle arms in or out depending on what your newborn prefers! Reassuringly snug on top and a hip healthy leg space on the bottom, your little one will stay safe and secure all night just like when they were in Mummy’s tummy.

    Suitable for babies weighing 5-12lbs. (Choose light weight for nurseries between 21-25 degrees or Cosy for 16-20 degrees.)

    What Tog is right for my baby?

    A Grobag Baby Sleep Bag is a wearable blanket that will keep your baby at a comfortable temperature all night long.

    This table shows our guidance on the correct tog of Grobag and clothing to be used in different room temperatures.

    Room Temperature Tog Rating
    16°C (61°F) and below 3.5
    16-20°C (61-68°F) 2.5
    20-24°C (68-75°F) 1.0
    24-27°C (75-81°F) 0.5

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