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Gro light Night Light (Bayonet)

Gro light Night Light (Bayonet)Gro light Night Light (Bayonet)
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Gro light Night Light (Bayonet) Gro light Night Light (Bayonet) Gro light Night Light (Bayonet) Gro light Night Light (Bayonet) Gro light Night Light (Bayonet)

Gro light Night Light (Bayonet)


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The Gro -light adapts your existing light to an adjustable nightlight. Easy to use - simply plug in to any light fitting and control from your light switch - 1 click of the switch for a soothing LED glow or 2 clicks for your main light bulb. No plug socket required!

The Gro-light offers an adjustable brightness to suit your needs, perfect for multiple uses including night feeds, checking on your child, landings or for toddlers.

  • Fits bedside lamps or overhead lights
  • Perfect for newborns onwards
  • Energy efficient LED’s
  • Bayonet fitting - for the Screw Fit version of our Gro-light Click here
  • Not suitable for use with dimmer switches
  • Use the dial to adjust nightlight brightness
  • Bayonet fitting

For the Screw Fit version of our Gro Light please Click here



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How did i manage before without this?

I have 3 of these in the house, our room, hall and livingroom, all places you need to see where your going without waking baby and whole house, i can move freely, at ease without fear of bumping into things nor tripping over anything as you can control how bright the light can be, this means when im up i and baby are up no one else is disturbed, in the am when Daddy is up early he can see his way around the room/house without putting full lights on that can and do wake us.

With a 7 that gets up during the night sometimes for the bathroom she can now easily find her way, when time comes for the 2y/o she also has this to help with any nighttime issues there may arise, amazing product i wish i had them with 1st child and why i have 3 in the house now!

this would be my 1st buy as a parent as its invaluable!

Fantastic product

I bought one of these while pregnant and put it up in our room. It's very easy to put in, even I managed it! The lovely light it gives out on the night light setting is brilliant. Dark enough not to disturb Daddy while feeding but light enough that I can change nappies without getting poop everywhere! My little boy is ready to go in to his own room now & we have purchased another for his room. We love it so much we're going to keep the Gro-Light in our room, even though the baby won't be in there! It means Daddy can get ready for work without waking me by blinding me with the light! Win win!


Extremely simple to fit and use. This night light provides enough light to check on/ change baby without disturbing their sleep.
I love mine.

Fantastic Product

I love this! Until I found this on the Gro site I never knew anything like this existed. It's absolutely ideal and gives off a soft glo light. Really easy to install. Must have purchase!


Brilliant for night time nappy changes, recommended it to all my mummy friends

So handy for the night feeds

Wouldn't be without our grolight, it is so handy during the night when feeding the little one. Soft glow is just right for you to be able to see them and feed and doesn't disturb them at all. Already recommended to a friend currently preparing to have her own little one. We took it away with us when went on holiday too!

Could not live without!

This is the best baby related item I think I have come across! So easy to pop in & the light emitted is perfect to check on baby/toddler without waking them. I love this so much I bought another to use in my room as I recently had another baby & it is perfect for night feeds/nappy changes without waking up my husband & vice versa

This is just the best!

Started using this when my BF son went into his own room aged 6 months. The soft glow was perfect for night time feeds.

It may at first seem too dim but your eyes quickly adjust and it is all the light you need. Conversely I have accidentally left the light on all night and it hasn't disturbed my sleeping son.

He's 2 years old now and I still use it to check on him and it's been well worth the spend.

Perfect for night time feeds

I've used this bulb in my bedside lamp since my son was born 12 weeks ago. It's fantastic for night time feeds, I can see what I'm doing but it's not too bright to disturb him (or my husband!). Being able to adjust the brightness is handy as I can turn it brighter if baby needs changing.
I'll be moving it into the nursery light fitting when my son goes into his cot there, I'll get a good amount of use from it, good value for money.
I would recommend this to all new mums.

Great product

Great idea. Just the right amount of light for changing nappies at night.

A must have

I was amazed first of all something like this existed and I just had to have one! We certainly wasn't disappointed! Right from newborn up to now (14 months) we have used this light. It's allowed us to feed and change baby without disturbing her enough to wake up fully! It's just bright enough to see but not too bright to wake baby, so baby thinks it's still night time and doesn't fully wake! It's been so great for us, ensuring we got our baby into a good sleep routine quite quickly! It's easy to switch the main light on by two flicks of the switch, I love it and think it's a genius design! Highly recommended and I have so to several family members and friends!


I must admit to being naive to think that I could manage without wrong was I???

I bought this for night feeds to save waking my husband with the lamp light to start with. Once our son moved into his own room, this moved with him so we could navigate his room at night without disturbing him as he seems to dislike the constant light provided by other plug in versions.

Would recommend this to anyone with small children, not just babies.

A must have for new parents!

This is a genius device which make life with a newborn just that little bit easier. Perfect for those middle of the night nappy changes, with just enough light to see what you are doing. My go to present for new parents!

A excellent device

This is a great device to have in a baby's or child's bedroom. Just the right amount of light so that you can check on baby. Even for an older child that does not like to sleep in the dark .

Perfect for those night feeds

We were after something that we could keep on in our room that wasn't to bright to keep us awake, but bright enough that we could see our baby and for the never ending night feeds!
This fits the bill perfectly. And as we have small holes in the lampshade it looks like stars on the walls where it shines through so our baby just stares at it and settles. Great!!!!!

So many uses
Deb quayle

Great for children sharing bedroom dose not disturb the sleeping one. Great for early morning workers getting up while dark. Good for elderly who need light on at night. Good product. Wish I'd had one when had my children.

perfect solution to night light

Fabulous product! have three, one in nursery one on stairs and one in kitchen so I can make up night feeds without having to turn on bright light. Highly recommend to anyone with kids!

Absolutely brilliant!

I had the older version for over 2 years, using it several time a day. When it broke down, I wanted to replace it straight away but it was not sold anymore. As soon as the new version was out, I ordered it. It is great to attend to your child at night without disturbing him/her but it is bright enough to navigate. I have changed nappies, fed my son when a baby and it has been useful with potty training too. I highly recommend this product!!!

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