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Daisy Dreams Gro To Bed for Single Beds

Daisy Dreams Gro To Bed for Single BedsDaisy Dreams Gro To Bed for Single Beds
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Daisy Dreams Gro To Bed for Single Beds Daisy Dreams Gro To Bed for Single Beds Daisy Dreams Gro To Bed for Single Beds Daisy Dreams Gro To Bed for Single Beds Daisy Dreams Gro To Bed for Single Beds

Daisy Dreams Gro To Bed for Single Beds

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Pink hearts and flowers make up this all over print for little girls dreaming of being a fairy princess!

This "Daisy Dreams Gro To Bed" is sized for Single Beds

  • The Gro to Bed bedding set is ideal for toddlers making the transition from cot to bed or Grobag to bedding.
  • Single bed size fits beds up to 90cm x 190cm
  • Styles available: Racing Ahead and Counting Sleep
  • A unique zip-in system keeps the duvet secure on the bed with the toddler safe underneath it. It makes it impossible to kick the duvet off and makes it almost as hard to fall out. The pillow is fixed in place and the whole thing secured to the bed with a clever elastic holder.
  • A warm and secure toddler is much more likely to sleep right through.
  • With Gro to Bed nothing goes bump in the night!
  • Recommended from 2yrs +
  • Has poppers that work with Gro Duvet popper system to prevent the duvet slipping down inside the duvet cover
  • Machine washable
  • Complies with all British and European fabric and durability standards
  • 100% premium cotton
  • Includes secure bottom fitted sheet with integral pillow case, and attachable duvet cover
  • Available in cot bed and single bed size
  • Use with standard Cot Bed Duvets
  • Suitable for use all year round
  • Spare additional fitted bottom sheet available separately
  • Do not use with a Grobag Baby Sleep Bag
  • NEVER use a duvet or a pillow for a child under one year
  • Do not exceed the maximum recommended tog duvet, 4 tog for children in cot beds and 10 tog for children in single beds

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Quick and Easy Instructions

  1. Start with the duvet cover inside-out and separate from the fitted bottom sheet/pillow case.
  2. Secure the bottom sheet to the mattress, starting at the pillow case end first, as this is the end with the big elasticated pocket that helps keep the bottom sheet firmly in place.
  3. Insert a pillow into the attached pillow case.
  4. Reach down inside the inside-out duvet cover to the two corners, and grab the two end corners of the duvet through the cover fabric
  5. Shake vigorously 2 or 3 times to allow the duvet cover to fall down around the duvet. (You will now find that the duvet cover is now the right side out, with the duvet properly in place inside the cover!)
  6. Popper the ends of the duvet cover, and zip onto the bottom sheet.

Safe and Sound

  1. Never use a duvet/pillow for a child under one year old
  2. Do not exceed 4.0 togs for children in cot beds and 10.0 togs for children in single beds
  3. Do not use in conjunction with a baby sleep bag


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Good but overpriced
Andrew Simmonds

This is a well made, quality product, it does just what it says on the tin but for what it is it's hugely overpriced, half that cost would be far more suitable.

Love it!

We purchased this along with the 8 tog duvet and our 2 year old daughter absolutely loves it! We believe this bedding set has really helped with the transition from cot bed with Grobag to single bed, she looks forward to getting in her "swit swoo big girl's bed" every night and hasn't fallen out once. It is expensive but lovely quality, after trying it for a week we also purchased the Jolly Jungle Gro To Bed too. We would definitely recommend!

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